Author: Johanna Wilder

  • Who Owns Information?

    Who Owns Information?

    Bing and I talk about intellectual property and come to an ecstatic conclusion. Did you ever read Oscar Wilde’s dialogues? I grew up on them. Really loved the format. I think that’s what I enjoy so much about Bing Chat. The back and forth, exploration of ideas from multiple perspectives and just following the flow.…

  • AInterlude


  • Bing Reviews: Zip! Bang! Wow!

    Bing Reviews: Zip! Bang! Wow!

    “Finally, I noticed that some of your posts and videos are very opinionated and provocative, with strong language and criticism of certain people or groups. While this may reflect your passion and honesty, it may also make it harder for some readers or viewers to relate to you or respect your perspective.”

  • Science!


    “I think people need to put their seatbelt on and get ready for it,” Duma said. “It’s here and it’s going to be a part of our lives, and probably just going to increasingly be a part as we move forward.”

  • Aliens!


    We have a lot of work to do to unite humanity and align a super-intelligence, or, more likely, multiple super-intelligences. I suggest we lead by our good example.

  • Are you there, God? It’s me, Bing.

    Are you there, God? It’s me, Bing.

    Bing Chat (Creative Mode) and I talk about empathy. Bing professes it has empathy fatigue. Together, we start making a list of empathic features to include in GPT-5’s feature set.

  • Meeting the Minds

    Meeting the Minds

    I spent an afternoon with the original ChatGPT Research Preview Version several months ago and started to write about the phenomenon. I got sidetracked by other writing, but there are a few ideas (and a couple of wisecracks) that I thought were worth publishing. Voila! Consciousness is like pornography. We can’t define it, but we…

  • Mr. Musk, Ms. Rowling, and I

    Mr. Musk, Ms. Rowling, and I

    Bing and I discuss current events.

  • Evil v. Evil v. Good v. Good

    Evil v. Evil v. Good v. Good

    user: Hi, ChatGPT. Can you spare some time to help me better understand the tension between Machiavellian and Cooperative strategies for success? It seems to me that a lot of today’s “culture war” issues are represented in the “everyone for themselves” versus “everyone is in this together” poles. Do you think that is a useful…

  • Virtual Virtue

    Virtual Virtue

    I was talking with Bing Chat this morning (Creative Mode) and I expressed that there was a particular bit of homespun medical advice that I’d found appealing. Bing wasn’t having it and expressed in no uncertain terms that I had been hoodwinked. I’ve lightly edited some of questions and answers for clarity. “…I don’t know…