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I’ve installed and (think) I’ve configured the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. Not quite sure what to expect. There is a blocklist of servers, but there doesn’t seem to be a federate list of instances to federate with.

I’ve also installed Webfinger.

Perhaps I have to make a post first, but for right now, I get an error when I try to look up jiejie@zipbangwow.com on www.webfinger.net, which isn’t encouraging. I’ll try again after I have a post.

Quick edit after posting


Important safety tip: Don’t use your administrator account as your ActivityPub account.

I created an Editor account that lets me do everything but manage the blog. I have a “high security” administrator account ( >login admin passw0rd ) that I use to administer the blog. It’s a good in-general safety tip, but once you federate your blog, you want to take a precaution or two.

Then, look at the bottom of your profile page for:


Profile identifierjiejie@www.zipbangwow.com or https://www.zipbangwow.com/author/jiejie/
Try to follow “@jiejie” in the Mastodon/Friendica search field.

My problem is I was trying without the www. which is my bad because I have a re-direct setup to send everyone to www. which isn’t strictly necessary, but whatever. I like the url like that because it shows people it’s a blog, right? If anyone who knows better netiquette than I, lemme know.