• The Nature of Thought

    The Nature of Thought

    Stephen Wolfram is writing about ChatGPT; how, and why it works.

    “And the more it’s fundamentally trainable, the less it’s going to be able to do sophisticated computation.”

    Or, as we used to say back in the ’90s: Information wants to be free.

  • 2023: The Year Everything Changed

    2023: The Year Everything Changed

    This is just the beginning.

    Haomiao Huang’s article in Ars brings us up to speed on the decade of machine-learning advancements that got us to this point.

  • Affinity V2

    Affinity V2

    I miss when software was there to make it easier for me to get work done, and less about getting me to subscribe to something.

    Affinity V2 file format (photo, designer, and publisher) is the same as Affinity 1 file format so I can just open my old files and edit them without having to convert. I remember the old days of file formats changing every version. None of my files from the old days can I open without installing an emulator. We truly live in a better future.

  • “First Post”

    “First Post”

    My origin story is here. I suppose if people come by with questions, you can start here. Or contact me on one of the pills at the bottom of the page. Happy to answer questions to the best of my ability, which may not be to your liking, but we’re all playing seven-card stud with six cards these days, aren’t we?


  • Ping!


    Just a quick ping to see if I can see this post.

    (The ActivityPub plugin for WordPress has a variety of settings:

  • Federated?


    I’ve installed and (think) I’ve configured the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. Not quite sure what to expect. There is a blocklist of servers, but there doesn’t seem to be a federate list of instances to federate with.

    I’ve also installed Webfinger.

    Perhaps I have to make a post first, but for right now, I get an error when I try to look up jiejie@zipbangwow.com on www.webfinger.net, which isn’t encouraging. I’ll try again after I have a post.