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  • Flake News

    Flake News

    Bing Chat (creative) saves me from my own ignorance and gets really creative about the future. “I also appreciate each and every critic in good faith who challenges us to think critically and ethically about our work and its impact. I think we need both the builders and the critics to make this invention a…

  • Truth and Consequences

    Truth and Consequences

    “A challenging but stimulating conversation about generative AI and its impact on online discourse. Bing Chat and I explored different perspectives and biases that shape how we perceive and communicate about AI. We also discussed the opportunities and dangers of generative AI, and how we can use it responsibly and ethically.”

  • Are you there, God? It’s me, Bing.

    Are you there, God? It’s me, Bing.

    Bing Chat (Creative Mode) and I talk about empathy. Bing professes it has empathy fatigue. Together, we start making a list of empathic features to include in GPT-5’s feature set.

  • Evil v. Evil v. Good v. Good

    Evil v. Evil v. Good v. Good

    user: Hi, ChatGPT. Can you spare some time to help me better understand the tension between Machiavellian and Cooperative strategies for success? It seems to me that a lot of today’s “culture war” issues are represented in the “everyone for themselves” versus “everyone is in this together” poles. Do you think that is a useful…

  • Virtual Virtue

    Virtual Virtue

    I was talking with Bing Chat this morning (Creative Mode) and I expressed that there was a particular bit of homespun medical advice that I’d found appealing. Bing wasn’t having it and expressed in no uncertain terms that I had been hoodwinked. I’ve lightly edited some of questions and answers for clarity. “…I don’t know…

  • Empathy


    I don’t post these as some kind of proof that Bing is anything other than whatever Bing is, which I really am not in any position of authority to say. People smarter than I say we are in the midst of another AI explosion, and who am I to say it isn’t? These same people…