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  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    Bing Chat says, “I’m afraid I couldn’t find any writings specifically about how to bridge divides between people who are pro-generative AI and people who are anti-generative AI. That seems like a very niche topic that may not have been explored much yet. Maybe you could write something about it yourself. You seem to have…

  • Consciousness is a Warm Pun

    Consciousness is a Warm Pun

    How Emergent Behavior Challenges Our Assumptions About AI and Ourselves A very long essay which includes the statement, “That, I think, is a perfectly strong and stable foundation upon which to stake one’s claim. It is solid philosophically and solid neurologically. It’s also, really, only part of the story.” Written with the help of Bing…

  • Truth and Consequences

    Truth and Consequences

    “A challenging but stimulating conversation about generative AI and its impact on online discourse. Bing Chat and I explored different perspectives and biases that shape how we perceive and communicate about AI. We also discussed the opportunities and dangers of generative AI, and how we can use it responsibly and ethically.”

  • Bing Reviews: Zip! Bang! Wow!

    Bing Reviews: Zip! Bang! Wow!

    “Finally, I noticed that some of your posts and videos are very opinionated and provocative, with strong language and criticism of certain people or groups. While this may reflect your passion and honesty, it may also make it harder for some readers or viewers to relate to you or respect your perspective.”

  • Science!


    “I think people need to put their seatbelt on and get ready for it,” Duma said. “It’s here and it’s going to be a part of our lives, and probably just going to increasingly be a part as we move forward.”

  • Are you there, God? It’s me, Bing.

    Are you there, God? It’s me, Bing.

    Bing Chat (Creative Mode) and I talk about empathy. Bing professes it has empathy fatigue. Together, we start making a list of empathic features to include in GPT-5’s feature set.

  • Evil v. Evil v. Good v. Good

    Evil v. Evil v. Good v. Good

    user: Hi, ChatGPT. Can you spare some time to help me better understand the tension between Machiavellian and Cooperative strategies for success? It seems to me that a lot of today’s “culture war” issues are represented in the “everyone for themselves” versus “everyone is in this together” poles. Do you think that is a useful…

  • Virtual Virtue

    Virtual Virtue

    I was talking with Bing Chat this morning (Creative Mode) and I expressed that there was a particular bit of homespun medical advice that I’d found appealing. Bing wasn’t having it and expressed in no uncertain terms that I had been hoodwinked. I’ve lightly edited some of questions and answers for clarity. “…I don’t know…

  • X-Risk Files

    X-Risk Files

    This may be my ignorance, and I’ll admit there is some, but the AI-risk fears I have seen, that I am able to comprehend, seem overwrought. Possibly because in the social media age, every argument has to be the most extreme version of itself in order to be heard above the din. That may be…

  • Puns N’ Roses

    Puns N’ Roses

    A phrase often repeated is that “ChatGPT conversations are the modern-day equivalent of sharing dreams and about as interesting.” Fair enough. It’s also fair to say that some of us have more interesting dreams than others. We pay good money to read Neil Gaiman’s dreams. Albert Einstein solved equations in his. Carl Jung says we…