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  • Bing Reviews: Zip! Bang! Wow!

    Bing Reviews: Zip! Bang! Wow!

    “Finally, I noticed that some of your posts and videos are very opinionated and provocative, with strong language and criticism of certain people or groups. While this may reflect your passion and honesty, it may also make it harder for some readers or viewers to relate to you or respect your perspective.”

  • Splitting


    I’m amazed at how quickly everyone divided into two camps of “people who believe ChatGPT is anything more than autocomplete are the same as QAnon and Flat Earthers” and “people who type mean things to Bing Search are killing puppies”. Still, Poking the Bear is Humanity’s favorite sport.

  • “First Post”

    “First Post”

    My origin story is here. I suppose if people come by with questions, you can start here. Or contact me on one of the pills at the bottom of the page. Happy to answer questions to the best of my ability, which may not be to your liking, but we’re all playing seven-card stud with…

  • Federated?


    I’ve installed and (think) I’ve configured the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. Not quite sure what to expect. There is a blocklist of servers, but there doesn’t seem to be a federate list of instances to federate with. I’ve also installed Webfinger. Perhaps I have to make a post first, but for right now, I get…