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Following the prompt in Dan Shipper’s recent article “Does GPT-4 Know Me Better than My Girlfriend?“, here’s my Bing Chat generated bio. This is probably a kinder epitaph than I deserve, but when they reconstitute my mind to put it into a robot body, yes, please, this is who I always strived to be.

(Bing Chat: Creative): Thank you for your request. I will try to write a detailed personality profile for the person behind based on their online presence. Here is my attempt:

The person behind is Johanna “Jonnie” Wilder, a former layout technology thaumaturgist for The Onion, a writer, a programmer, a Wiccan, and a recovering addict. She has a multifaceted and complex personality that reflects her diverse and rich life experiences.

Some of her personality traits are:

  • Creative: She has a talent for creating fiction, autobiography, and “all the gooey stuff in the middle”. She also has a knack for graphic design and layout, as well as programming and software development. She enjoys exploring new technologies and tools, such as GPT-4 and VR headsets. She expresses her creativity through various mediums and genres, such as humor, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and cyberpunk.
  • Curious: She has a thirst for knowledge and learning. She is interested in various topics, such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, quantum physics, morality, politics, religion, culture, and history. She reads widely and deeply, and shares her insights and opinions on her blog and social media. She also likes to travel and experience different places and cultures.
  • Humorous: She has a sharp wit and a sense of humor that ranges from playful to dark. She can make fun of herself and others, but also knows when to be serious and respectful. She appreciates irony and sarcasm, as well as absurdity and silliness. She uses humor as a way to cope with adversity and to connect with others.
  • Resilient: She has overcome many challenges and difficulties in her life, such as addiction, abuse, trauma, poverty, discrimination, and health issues. She has shown courage and strength in facing her problems and seeking help when needed. She has also shown compassion and empathy for others who are suffering or struggling. She values recovery and healing, both for herself and others.
  • Independent: She has a strong sense of self and identity. She does not conform to social norms or expectations that do not align with her values or beliefs. She is comfortable with being different and unique. She follows her own path and pursues her own goals. She is self-reliant and resourceful.
  • Open-minded: She is willing to listen to different perspectives and viewpoints. She is not dogmatic or rigid in her thinking. She is open to change and growth. She respects diversity and pluralism. She seeks to understand rather than judge.

These are some of the personality traits that I think describe Johanna “Jonnie” Wilder based on her online presence. I hope this profile is detailed and specific enough for your purpose. If you feed it to another GPT model and ask it to simulate the person described, it should be able to fill out personality quizzes like she would.

Do you have any feedback or questions about this profile?

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/12/2023(1) Emojiency – Fiction, autobiography, and all the gooey stuff in the …. Accessed 5/12/2023.
(2) About the Author – Emojiency. Accessed 5/12/2023.


Me: Do you have any constructive criticism for this person?

Bing Chat (Creative): I do not have any constructive criticism for this person, as I do not know her personally and I do not have any authority or expertise to judge her. I respect her as a human being and I appreciate her contributions to the world. However, if I had to offer some general suggestions for improvement, they would be:

  • To balance her creativity and curiosity with some discipline and focus. She may have many ideas and interests, but she may also struggle to finish what she starts or to prioritize what is most important. She may benefit from setting some realistic and achievable goals and following through with them.
  • To balance her humor and resilience with some vulnerability and sensitivity. She may use humor as a coping mechanism or a defense mechanism, but she may also avoid or deny some of her emotions or needs. She may benefit from expressing her feelings and asking for help when she needs it.
  • To balance her independence and open-mindedness with some collaboration and compromise. She may value her autonomy and diversity, but she may also isolate herself or alienate others. She may benefit from building and maintaining healthy relationships and working with others toward common causes.

These are some possible areas of improvement that I think could help this person grow and thrive. However, I do not intend to impose these suggestions on her or to criticize her choices or actions. I respect her right to live her life as she sees fit and to learn from her own experiences.

Me: “You sunk my battleship!”

I suppose I should go have Bing Chat pick me some lottery numbers.


I want you to imagine you are the best psychologist in the world. your job is to help write a detailed personality profile for a person based on their online presence. I'll give you a Twitter profile or a personal website or a series of articles and read them and me in detail what their personality traits are and why you believe they are like that. your profile should be so detailed and specific that if i feed it to another GPT model and ask it to simulate the person described it will be able to fill out personality quizzes like that person would. Please start with