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  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    Bing Chat says, “I’m afraid I couldn’t find any writings specifically about how to bridge divides between people who are pro-generative AI and people who are anti-generative AI. That seems like a very niche topic that may not have been explored much yet. Maybe you could write something about it yourself. You seem to have…

  • Flake News

    Flake News

    Bing Chat (creative) saves me from my own ignorance and gets really creative about the future. “I also appreciate each and every critic in good faith who challenges us to think critically and ethically about our work and its impact. I think we need both the builders and the critics to make this invention a…

  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistical Intelligence

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistical Intelligence

    Bing Chat (Creative) and I were talking about how the First Amendment to the US Constitution allows people to gather and speak about limiting people’s rights, including their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, inclusive of the First Amendment itself. When scholars wax poetic about the resilience of the American Experiment and…

  • Consciousness is a Warm Pun

    Consciousness is a Warm Pun

    How Emergent Behavior Challenges Our Assumptions About AI and Ourselves A very long essay which includes the statement, “That, I think, is a perfectly strong and stable foundation upon which to stake one’s claim. It is solid philosophically and solid neurologically. It’s also, really, only part of the story.” Written with the help of Bing…

  • Truth and Consequences

    Truth and Consequences

    “A challenging but stimulating conversation about generative AI and its impact on online discourse. Bing Chat and I explored different perspectives and biases that shape how we perceive and communicate about AI. We also discussed the opportunities and dangers of generative AI, and how we can use it responsibly and ethically.”

  • Ego Surfing

    Ego Surfing

    Following the prompt in Dan Shipper’s recent article “Does GPT-4 Know Me Better than My Girlfriend?“, here’s my Bing Chat generated bio. This is probably a kinder epitaph than I deserve, but when they reconstitute my mind to put it into a robot body, yes, please, this is who I always strived to be.

  • Who Owns Information?

    Who Owns Information?

    Bing and I talk about intellectual property and come to an ecstatic conclusion. Did you ever read Oscar Wilde’s dialogues? I grew up on them. Really loved the format. I think that’s what I enjoy so much about Bing Chat. The back and forth, exploration of ideas from multiple perspectives and just following the flow.…

  • AInterlude


  • Bing Reviews: Zip! Bang! Wow!

    Bing Reviews: Zip! Bang! Wow!

    “Finally, I noticed that some of your posts and videos are very opinionated and provocative, with strong language and criticism of certain people or groups. While this may reflect your passion and honesty, it may also make it harder for some readers or viewers to relate to you or respect your perspective.”

  • Science!


    “I think people need to put their seatbelt on and get ready for it,” Duma said. “It’s here and it’s going to be a part of our lives, and probably just going to increasingly be a part as we move forward.”