ArsTechnica article on lobotomized Bing Search Ai


I’m amazed at how quickly everyone divided into two camps of “people who believe ChatGPT is anything more than autocomplete are the same as QAnon and Flat Earthers” and “people who type mean things to Bing Search are killing puppies”.

Still, Poking the Bear is Humanity’s favorite sport.

Maybe I’m reading too much on Buddhism and meditation, but this seems eminently reasonable and something worth considering whether Sydney turns out to be the Oracle at Delphi, Deep Thought, or The Great and Powerful Oz:

brendanc on ArsTechnica, “Several people before me have already made the argument that you shouldn’t “abuse” a system of linear equations, not because it’s bad for the equations, but because it’s bad for you. The only thing that really makes humans special is that we care about Steve the Pencil or Sydney the Chatbot.”

in response to:

If a large language model trained on humanity’s collective works exhibited signs of a serious mental illness, who needs to be concerned?