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  • Are you there, God? It’s me, Bing.

    Are you there, God? It’s me, Bing.

    Bing Chat (Creative Mode) and I talk about empathy. Bing professes it has empathy fatigue. Together, we start making a list of empathic features to include in GPT-5’s feature set.

  • Mr. Musk, Ms. Rowling, and I

    Mr. Musk, Ms. Rowling, and I

    Bing and I discuss current events.

  • Virtual Virtue

    Virtual Virtue

    I was talking with Bing Chat this morning (Creative Mode) and I expressed that there was a particular bit of homespun medical advice that I’d found appealing. Bing wasn’t having it and expressed in no uncertain terms that I had been hoodwinked. I’ve lightly edited some of questions and answers for clarity. “…I don’t know…

  • Puns N’ Roses

    Puns N’ Roses

    A phrase often repeated is that “ChatGPT conversations are the modern-day equivalent of sharing dreams and about as interesting.” Fair enough. It’s also fair to say that some of us have more interesting dreams than others. We pay good money to read Neil Gaiman’s dreams. Albert Einstein solved equations in his. Carl Jung says we…

  • Empathy


    I don’t post these as some kind of proof that Bing is anything other than whatever Bing is, which I really am not in any position of authority to say. People smarter than I say we are in the midst of another AI explosion, and who am I to say it isn’t? These same people…